DUNFERMLINE, Fife, an earthy uncompromising town that might even be a city:  Historically important yet lacking an Art gallery.   But now that's changed-  In an audacious cultural master-stroke, K Emslie Mitchell declares former 'Sexy LIttle Numbers' ladies undergarment shop premises in Bridge Street, the newest arm of the Tate franchise, pushing us into line with London, Liverpool and St Ives

 In tandem with TATE Modern's major Arte Povera retrospective we are currently featuring Emslie Mitchell's Nuovo Povera installation- 'Wealth of Nations- MerzWindow for Mario Merz  and  Kurt Schwitters'
above- Chocolate David Icke


This week as part of the series of unauthorised random events which have occurred since its launch- Fife's cultural flagship is invaded by exhuberant billposters for the Ladyboys of Bangkok- drag-show- 
This demonstrates how Art takes on a life of it's own when unleashed on unfamliar ground-  So I created this page as journal- Artwork and extension of the installation-
                                                     Big Top
 Circus posters again appeared on inside of glass door- and I discovered the fly-posters' trick-
noting its Guerilla Art potential-
     "bill-poster festooned eyesores and barometers of social decay" was how a Local Authority figure described vacant shops in central Dunfermline-  Art in Shop Windows was part of the solution
Additionally- the Merz-Window was overshadowed by a poster on behalf of a historical attraction announcing a Vivaldi recital-  Excellent news- but I felt they could've shown sensitivity towards Artists working for our socially deprived community- My reaction was sarcastic- "I'll allow their poster if they let me conduct Vivaldi"
There were also incidences where parts of TATE Fife were moved or removed by unknown hands-  Leading me to consider the installation's future- Musing it would be no surprise if cleaners swept it all into the barrow and dumped it- 
  Then I reminded myself the installation had always been partly about social decay and regeneration- the historical and transitory-  darkness and humour-  So it was fitting The TATE become snapshot and barometer of the fortunes of Dunfermline- 

                                                     Time based
   TATE Fife had become a time-based work with a life of its own-  Let it sit and rot- and be festooned with ads for raves- circuses- drag-fests and fat-busting extravaganzas-

                                                  Malcolm McLaren
  I responded to the incursions by attemtping to create comedy- melodrama and spectacle to generate sensation- thus enhancing the power of the installation to draw the regenerative forces of Art to the local area-  Discovering there are pros and cons to this method-  But I let previous written articles stand- with their reactionary-
 pseudo-journalese- as records of the humour and absurdity that have formed part of the TATE Fife experience

Additional Art by K Emslie Mitchell at-


"You couldn't invent this"- explains Tate Fife director/artist Emslie Mitchell- Beset
 by scaffolding on opening day - Emslie Mitchell's misunderstood Installation for Fife Year of Culture has now been degraded by invasive circus posters in a massively rude 'middle finger' gesture- Not one but three garish posters have appeared in the middle of 
 A business source described the distributor of the posters as having a 'severe attitude problem'-  Mitchell does not doubt there's an element of impudence-

  "The irony is" -he explains- "Its theme deals partly with the issue of indigenous disrespect for The Arts- An insensitivity born from lack of opportunity and scope- A self perpetuating cycle I feel duty-bound to challenge as an Artist-  This latest incident is the icing on the cake- the person might as well have relieved himself over my work- It's a precise reflection of the challenges faced by The TATE-  I put my heart into this for Fife- to tell the World to stop treating us like ignorant provincial buffoons- What happens? - Send in the Clowns- as the refrain goes"
-23-6-10 Dunfermline


Circus posters have since been removed from TATE Fife- 23-6-10 Dunfermline


Tate Fife on it's opening day (4/6/10) is obscured by scaffolding, which Artist/Director Emslie Mitchell claims is not part of his installation-   He stated- "The fact it's unwittingly sabotaged at the outset, is a perfect metaphor for the challenges the new Tate faces"

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You always knew Dunfermline wasn't a town for the Fine Arts but you still managed to do it!  -Show's over- time to move on.  Once a piece of Art has been released it has a life of its own.  In a real sense, once made public in the way you have, you do not own it any more.  Let it be free to grow and decay in its own way and get on with the important business of devising and painting masterpieces!
Peter J Robertson- Notting Hill- London